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Radiator Valves

Apr 25, 2024

Valves are essential to keep your radiator working efficiently. Our range includes thermostatic valves, radiator valves, cap kits, and vent plugs in a selection of finishes to help you find the best fit. With a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), you can control your radiator’s heat level, setting it to the perfect temperature with an adjustable dial. The thermostat dial then closes the valve once your desired temperature is reached.

Choose from classic white or chrome dial designs to match your towel rails and radiators. Manual radiator valves are simple to fit, easy to use, and come in multiple sizes. We have a range of manual radiator valves in styles to suit any home, from contemporary square angled chrome to a traditional crosshead or smooth finish valve.

A lockshield valve lets you control the flow of water in your radiators. We have a great selection of straight and angled valves, depending on whether your pipes come through the wall or floor – shop extension pieces, multi-packs, 8mm and 15mm valves. Browse universal radiator valve cap kits to replace an old or damaged cap, and radiator maintenance to enhance the life of your double or single panel radiator system.