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Unlacquered brass finish added to Crosswater’s Belgravia collection • Hotel Designs

Jun 15, 2024

Perfect for adding an elegant finishing touch to bathrooms, the new ‘Unlacquered Brass’ finish offers a traditional look with a contemporary twist, and joins two existing finishes – Chrome and Nickel – to complete this much-loved traditional range.

Belgravia Unlacquered Brass offers luxurious style influenced by time-honoured design, in a range of premium taps, showerheads, valves and bath fillers. In contrast to Chrome and Nickel, the Unlacquered Brass finish offers a warm metallic finish with a gorgeous golden glow that is guaranteed to make an on-trend statement in bathrooms of all designs.

A natural living finish, this new addition to the collection is specifically designed and manufactured to oxidise over time, resulting in a changing, unique look which offers even more personality to the bathroom.

Its silky smooth and reflective surface makes it ideal for achieving a high-end and modern look in period-style bathrooms and is strikingly coordinated against the details of Belgravia’s white glazed ceramic levers.

Features of the range include elaborate bath fillers, traditional shower handsets, exposed shower valves and decadent showerheads, all sympathetically curated in the style and essence of the Victorian era. The ideal choice for lovers of traditional design, the Belgravia Unlacquered Brass range encompasses a beautifully classic look that will complement any bathing space.

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Main image credit: Crosswater

Hamish Kilburn / 29.10.2020


Brand new for autumn 2020, Crosswater is delighted to introduce a stunning new finish to its beautifully timeless Belgravia collection…